rewriting history -- I keep forgetting faces

A tool commonly used to establish and keep power intact is the rewriting of history - and through this act, to create new narratives. It is as important as ever to fact-check and make sure that what you see and read online is true, with fake-news spreading over social media and other channels. Through this act of removal and revision, histories are being altered and parts even deleted by domains of absolute power where content manipulation becomes part of a political agenda.

rewriting history: I Keep Forgetting Faces is a netart piece which takes Wikipedia as a core example, it thus takes images automatically from their website and alters them in real-time. The act of retouching photos is as old as photography itself, but in this case automation has become a part of this contemporary process of erasure. It asks, how can machines partake in rewriting history for us?

The netart version of the rewriting history project takes three random Wikipedia articles and alter the content in realtime in the browser each time the page is loaded. The processing happens local on your computer and it takes a moment for the pictures to popup.

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